Classic car bronze casting pattern

A classic car bronze casting pattern made by Inver Models as a speculative project. Over the years Peter Naulls has developed skills in reproducing automotive subjects at various scales. The pattern for this Jaguar XK120 is hand-made using data collected from full-size cars and numerous photos. Consideration has to be given to the mould-making and casting process, so for instance the wheel is made separately so metal temperature can be tightly controlled; that way accurate replication of the detail of the spokes can be achieved. Duplicates of the wheel will be made prior to the lost-wax part of the process.

We work very closely with a neighbouring foundry in Nairn and oversee any casting or patination decisions they need to make. It is a symbiotic process where they rely on our fabrication skills and we use and admire their skill in casting.

The subject is a car known as the “seven days and seven nights” Jaguar – it holds various records established over an unbroken week of running at Monthlery in 1952